Can Zig Ziglar More Than DOUBLE Your Income? In this video I discuss some life lessons I learned from only ONE video from Zig Ziglar. Listen, learn, and apply this POWERFUL knowledge. http zig ziglar zig ziglar quotes zig ziglar i can zig ziglar quotes grandchildren…

2 Responses to “Can Zig Ziglar More Than DOUBLE Your Income?”

  1. YourMindofSuccess says:

    Here’s the most important point:

    Self-talk your way to success qualities and success. Your mind responds when you start an inner positive conversation. Start this consciously and with resolute determination.

    Take an affirmation and talk to yourself about it. Or image the inner conversation of the most successful person you know of whom you know.

    Do this you begin to reshape your self-image and your accomplishments will follow suit.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Khalid kho says:

    Appreciated that
    keep going