Howard Stern Radio Show Goofs on Chris Russo Rant 07-13-09

Howard and the gang have a good time replaying audio of Mad Dog Chris Russo and his most recent tirade. Steve Torre his Program director in studio to explain

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25 Responses to “Howard Stern Radio Show Goofs on Chris Russo Rant 07-13-09”

  1. MrAudacity11 says:

    The only thing I ever liked about Mad Dog was watching him squirm after saying the Bills and Patriots were so much better and predicting they were going to kill the Giants in the superbowl by 30 points

    He’s a hack that rode Francessa’s coattails and knows nothing about any sport outside of baseball.

    “WE don’t have any talent, Chris???” No…YOU don’t.


  2. TSMontana says:

    Chris Russo is proof positive that even YOU can get a radio show.

  3. meatmeat54 says:

    @dibrini that is hilarious dubya

  4. meatmeat54 says:

    I love mad dogs rants shows passion for his job

  5. rpv173 says:

    Awww Gee Wizz

  6. jdodd82 says:

    Show me proof that the Washington Generals were ever a baseball team and/or a team that became the Expos. What you said is 100% wrong. Artie was correct. You just made that up. The Expos began as the Expos. Nobody ever moved to Montreal.

  7. detlions76 says:


  8. nelsonh86 says:

    chris russo is a very slow person , what a dumbass , little bow wows ???

  9. emoneybagz23 says:

    MadDick is truly a moron!

  10. robphilll22 says:

    I don’t have the audacity.We have the Washington Generals and a new clew.

  11. mr198221 says:

    Russo is lost, but funny. His mispronunciations are PRICELESS!

  12. ajhenneberger says:

    Artie is wrong, The Washington Gernals became the Montreal Expos who then became the Washington Natinoals. Artie did not make the connection that was intended.

  13. kalpal67 says:

    poor gary must be thinking “geez stern you hypocrite!”

  14. brookside1 says:

    I love watching this……………

  15. RubberClits says:

    No. You’re wrong. Artie said the Washington Generals, and they are a basketball team that plays the Harlem Globetrotters.

  16. jghor23 says:

    Stupid ass Artie is wrong. Nationals are a baseball team.

  17. Yankeestonk says:

    Russo without Francessa is a little painful

  18. Paul Blom says:

    Chris Russo: a modern day Arthur Godfrey.

  19. bigten3 says:

    Martin Brodeur! hahahaha

  20. strawhataddison says:

    Artie:”Howard, do you know who the Washington Generals are?”
    Howard:”They’re very bad…”


  21. toyotas2006 says:

    I miss MadDog on FAN

  22. IBOGAINE1 says:

    Sncrby Dago? Fuck you you white trash piece of shit!! This dick ain’t no dago.  He is little fagboy, the LUCKIEST MAN IN AMERICA, because he has NO talent at all.
    He’s no dago.

  23. dragoon84 says:

    Audacity?! lollololol

  24. SIBOUNDSTHE4 says:


  25. DJMikeFury says:

    No… Obama