Kathy & Jim Coover and John Anderson – A Tribute to Their Work

These nutritional products help people feel happier, lose unwanted weight if needed and give people more energy by reducing stress through nutrition. This company name is Isagenix International.

John Anderson is the master formulator of the products and his mission is to have the happiest, healthiest people on the planet…..and of course knowing….. ‘The Law of Attraction,” this is how he created such amazing products……..he was guided step by step in each creation. His product line continues to expand and grow on a regular basis. This is surely the sign of a man who has taken his calling to expand and evolve seriously. He is always learning and growing within his field of nutrition and wellness.

The Isagenix products address the major health issues of our planet today. Stress, toxicity, over weight, low energy, vitamin and mineral deficiency in our foods, depression and other issues are being addressed with the Isagenix products. John Anderson was actually in retirement, when he began to formulate the Isagenix product line in his mind. Because of his extensive knowledge of the needs of the human body and because of his observation of the massive health issues of today, he was the perfect person to take action. He is known affectionately as ‘the mineral man’ in his industry. He understands how the lack of minerals being incorporated into our vegetables and fruits, because of the massive amount of pesticides on our soils, has been the cause of such destruction to our health.

Another big issue addressed with the Isagenix products is the lack of time that people have to make nutritious meals. To make an Isagenix meal with all the needed nutrients for optimum health takes only a couple of minutes to make from beginning to end. That is remarkable that so many concerns are addressed in one nutritional system.

Jim and Kathy Coover, a husband and wife team, handle the business end of this company called Isagenix International. Their role and desire is to provide business leadership, in this amazing company, that has the finest products on the market. They also have created the finest compensation system in the network marketing industry. At the request of John Anderson, Jim and Kathy came out of retirement to begin Isagenix. They were all answering the call of SOURCE to be of service to as many people as possible. They understood how difficult it has been for so many people to achieve financial success and so have incorporated into their network marketing model of Isagenix, a simple and easy to follow compensation plan.

Together, the three of them have formed a dynamite leadership team, that is inspiring leaders to help people get well all over the planet today, expanding as quickly as it is possible. These three individuals in the field of health and wellness are focused and exceptional in all ways. In just a few short years, this company has been created and expanded in many other countries. The products address so many of the health issues of today, stress, over weight, lack of energy, toxins etc. It is an idea whose time has come. Only someone like John Anderson, with all of his knowledge and understanding of how health ingredients work together could have produced such amazing products. These products have been endorsed by big name people like John Gray and T. Harv Ecker.

The countries that they have expanded into as of this writing are, Canada, the US, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, soon they will expand into China, before the end of this 2010.

Thank you John and Jim and Kathy, I admire and appreciate your work immensely

Joanie McMahon is President of Investment In Serenity Inc. She is a teacher/counselor/life coach/psychologist/writer and business woman.

Her passion is understanding fully how to use The Law of Attraction to her and her clients benefit. She has an understanding of achieving overall health either physically through nutrition, exercise and stress release; emotionally through Journey work and understanding our Emotional Guidance System; Financially; and Spiritually. She is also a professional Network Marketer, who loves this industry for its financial freedom capability and

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On a personal note, Joanie is passionate about hanging out in the Canadian Rockies where she goes to get rejuvenated on a regular basis by skiing or hiking. She has a regular yoga practice, loves to travel and is a great cook.


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