Manifest Wealth And Goodness In Your Life: Surprising Lesson From An Egg Experiment!

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A few days ago, I watched the movie ‘Anna and the King’, one of my favorite movies. There is a scene that particularly fascinated me, a lesson valuable for all of us seeking to manifest wealth and goodness in our life. If you have not seen this movie you should rent it right away. But if you don’t want to wait, no problem, I will share with you what happens.

Anna (Jodie Foster) who is playing an English teacher for Siam’s royal family children, is teaching a scientific lesson to them. She is showing them an empty glass bottle and she is trying to insert a boiled egg in it. The egg is bigger than the orifice so, as she explains, we all tend to believe it is impossible. We see through our eyes and evaluate the reality according to what our eyes show us. So we all agree, it is impossible.


She then stops the hopeless experiment and takes the boiled egg away. She blows a piece of paper and while it’s on fire, place it in the bottle. She replaces the egg on the orifice and a few seconds later; as by magic, the egg fall in the bottle.

Impossible is just a belief and I learned not so long ago that we are not our thoughts and we do not need to identify with them. So your mind is saying: “it’s impossible”, just answer “Thank you for sharing” (a fabulous lesson that T. Harv Ecker teaches his students) and do it anyway. In this experiment, it’s by changing the climate that the egg could change of shape and fall in the bottle. I believe we can apply this principle in our daily life, whatever it is we are trying to manifest!

If you wish to manifest wealth or anything else and have not accomplished all, perhaps you need to change your environment. Is there a lot of negativity around you? Or non-supportive people holding you back? Or do you need fresh air and a nice holiday break to see your situation with a different angle? Don’t hesitate to take action and change the climate you are in so that you can reach your goals.

To your success!

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