Archives For Robbins Unleash the Power Within is the ultimate personal development seminar from Tony Robbins. Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve your relationship or enhance your finances, UPW enables you to: — Break through the fears that hold you back (including subconscious ones) — Create momentum in your life to make difficult things effortless — Develop the physical vitality and energy you need to follow through This video was filmed at UPW New York in April 2012. UPW San Jose will take place in July 2012. See for more information.

Tony Robbins, a self-help author and motivational speaker, reveals three ways you can effect success: have a strategy, change your story and develop a quality state. Plus, find out why he says some people need to divorce their stories so they can marry the truth. For more Oprah’s Lifeclass visit ‪ Find OWN on TV at
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Have you ever wondered… …why some people take massive action and others don’t? This is the “million dollar question”. Watching this Video May Be Essential to Your Success! Here is “The Holy Grail To Success” Until you elevate your belief level to certainty… …you will continue to fail. (see chart below) Certainty Meaning the #1 determining factor to your success… …is your beliefs my friend. Nothing more… nothing less. Take for example the following inspirational story.
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Tony Robbins: Business Mastery Session 3-2 The Only 3 Ways to Grow Your Business

Anthony Robbins to Hold His First-ever Spanish-Translated Event in U.S.: Unleash The Power Within® is Coming to Orlando

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

World-renowned speaker, author and peak performance strategist Anthony Robbins is doing something he’s never done before: His cornerstone event, Unleash The Power Within® (UPW), set for Nov. 1-4, 2012 in Orlando, will be the first-ever Spanish-translated UPW held in the United States.

For Spanish speakers, this UPW is an unprecedented opportunity to create their own breakthroughs, faster and easier, with help from the world’s leading catalyst for change. Here’s how some attendees describe UPW:

“Unleash the Power Within was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. In just a few days of immersion both my husband and I let go of so much that was holding us back and became congruent with who we really are and really want to be, those were four of the best days of our entire lives. Tony Robbins changed us forever and there is no feeling quite like it.”

— Stacey Martino

“I was completely ‘over’… overwhelmed and overweight. I needed to take control of my life: finances, time management, stress level and my health. I have lost 20 pounds and have set up a schedule of quality time for my family. I have been so productive at work that I got a promotion, almost all of the people I come in contact with have noticed the change in me.“

— Patricia Garcia

“I’m creating my own destiny instead of life creating it for me. I’m in control of my actions, thoughts and emotions.”

— Alex Echavarria

“He helped me focus on things I wasn’t quite sure about. With his strategies I know I can be more focused and accomplish even more things.”

— Rorian Gracie, Co-founder of the UFC

UPW is a uniquely powerful event that has transformed the lives of more than 4 million participants around the world. This will be the only UPW in Florida this year, and for a limited time there are two special offers available:

    Buy-one, get-one pricing tickets for Spanish speaking attendees to Unleash The Power Within® . Offer expires 10/17!

    Free on-site English-to-Spanish translation services for the first 150 requestors!

To take advantage of these offers or for more information about Unleash The Power Within® in Orlando Nov. 1-4, 2012, call 1-800-213-0658.


Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist

For the past three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. His nonprofit Anthony Robbins Foundation feeds more than three million people in 56 countries every year through its international holiday “Basket Brigade.” Robbins has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries with his best-selling books, multimedia and health products, public speaking engagements and live events.

What began as a young person’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives has grown into Robbins’ lifelong crusade as he is called on by leaders from every walk of life—presidents, political leaders, advocates for humanity, CEOs of multinational corporations, psychologists, peak performance athletes, world-class entertainers, teachers and parents.

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Tony Robbins’ Personal Mentor ‘Speaks’

“The Lost Art of Direct Sales”

Destin, FL (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Edward Harding, the man who taught internationally renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins the power of influence decades ago, is now booking speaking engagements of his own. Harding gave Robbins his first sales job in 1977, and it was Harding’s “extraordinary…presence” that ultimately inspired his protégé’. Robbins wrote the foreword for Harding’s recently published book “The Lost Art of Direct Sales” (Bush Publishing), and in it he confesses that, upon meeting Harding at the tender age of 17, he was in “awe” when his soon-to-be-mentor entered the room. “He had a confidence you rarely experience from another human being…there was something about the man that was so unlike anyone else that I had met before that I was captivated.”

It was during his time with Harding, Robbins admits, that he was “hooked” on “the idea of being a person of influence, someone who could touch lives, who could get people to do things that no one else could get them to do, to get them to follow through.”

Harding, a millionaire many times over whose personal success nearly rivals that of Robbins, has stayed away from the spotlight, for the most part, through the years, but he’s emerging with the new book and a willingness to pass on his secrets to sales teams, professionals and others through speaking engagements and private coaching, much like the once “broke” and virtually homeless young man he motivated all of those years ago.

Robbins, who moved out of a dysfunctional home as a high school student before walking through Harding’s door, says, “I really believe that Ed’s success, along with his skill, is his pure intent. He’s the man who spent decades helping others….I can’t recommend more highly the teachings of the man who provided me my first job and my first exposure to the fundamental rules of influence…the mentor who touched my life deeply.”

For more information about Harding’s book, “The Lost Art of Direct Sales”, visit

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Advice from Tony Robbins on getting what you want this new year..

Anthony Robbins RPM Planner Method Kit

  • Create a life plan that will allow you to achieve balance and make progress in all areas
  • Regain Certainty: Ensure you are in control of every aspect of your life.
  • Focus on Results: Immediately move from an activity orientation to a results orientation.
  • Productivity: Drastically increase your level of productivity
  • Replace your to-do list with an effective daily plan

Anthony Robbins Rapid Planning Method (RPM) is a revolutionary breakthrough in time and life management that will show you how to manage your life instead of your time, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to pursue your true passions.

While most systems keep you focused on managing a never-ending to-do list, the RPM system will help you focus on the results you’re after and the real reasons why you want to achieve them, providing you with the emotional drive to follow through.

Designed f

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Tony and Sage Robbins discuss what it takes to have an outstanding relationship and share some amazing facts! For more info on developing your life journey visit:
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Anthony Robbins The Edge

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Tony Robbins shares how his organization uses Chatter to collaborate internally and with individuals participating in his peak performance seminars.
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