Tony Robbins? Personal Mentor 'Speaks'

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Tony Robbins’ Personal Mentor ‘Speaks’

“The Lost Art of Direct Sales”

Destin, FL (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Edward Harding, the man who taught internationally renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins the power of influence decades ago, is now booking speaking engagements of his own. Harding gave Robbins his first sales job in 1977, and it was Harding’s “extraordinary…presence” that ultimately inspired his protégé’. Robbins wrote the foreword for Harding’s recently published book “The Lost Art of Direct Sales” (Bush Publishing), and in it he confesses that, upon meeting Harding at the tender age of 17, he was in “awe” when his soon-to-be-mentor entered the room. “He had a confidence you rarely experience from another human being…there was something about the man that was so unlike anyone else that I had met before that I was captivated.”

It was during his time with Harding, Robbins admits, that he was “hooked” on “the idea of being a person of influence, someone who could touch lives, who could get people to do things that no one else could get them to do, to get them to follow through.”

Harding, a millionaire many times over whose personal success nearly rivals that of Robbins, has stayed away from the spotlight, for the most part, through the years, but he’s emerging with the new book and a willingness to pass on his secrets to sales teams, professionals and others through speaking engagements and private coaching, much like the once “broke” and virtually homeless young man he motivated all of those years ago.

Robbins, who moved out of a dysfunctional home as a high school student before walking through Harding’s door, says, “I really believe that Ed’s success, along with his skill, is his pure intent. He’s the man who spent decades helping others….I can’t recommend more highly the teachings of the man who provided me my first job and my first exposure to the fundamental rules of influence…the mentor who touched my life deeply.”

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Sotiris Bassakaropoulos