Zig Ziglar Interview with Lee J. Colan

Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. ( talks with the Master of Motivation, Zig Ziglar, about mentoring and building your BEST team.Lee J. Colan is a leadership advisor, speaker and author of 10 rapid-read books including the best selling Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence. The L Group, Inc. delivers practical tools for Personal, Team and Organization Leadership. Get Free resources and learn more at or call 972-250-9989.

One Response to “Zig Ziglar Interview with Lee J. Colan”

  1. tetrazinni says:

    Dear Zig:
    Thank you for constantly sharing your wisdom. Being a constant student and plug up your ignorance withing 48 hours are both related and I will use them both in my life.
    I recall Zig when you were close to death and made an effort to lose that weight which had created your problem. I was impressed then with how you exercized your beliefs and I am pleased to see and hear your still with us.
    A quote I would love to share is “The entire world is ignorant, only the subjects are different.”